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We proudly handle any and all environmental management needs, from waste disposal and recycling, to environmental remediation and tank cleanings.

Cactus Environmental works with clients in all industries including oil and gas, large industrial manufacturers and government agencies. Our technical field personnel are OSHA HAZWOPER-trained and are available to assist on projects of any size and scope. Customers can count on Cactus for jobs to be completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, we regularly provide service for all of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Our crews respond to spills and perform jobs all over the United States.

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Hydro jetting is a powerful cleaning option that can strip away stains and buildup from virtually any building surface. From concrete factory floors to metal equipment, professional hydro jetting services can remove a wide range of dirt, chemicals, and other contaminants while leaving the underlying surface undamaged and immediately ready for use. At Cactus Environmental Services, we offer comprehensive hydro jetting options, and our team has the tools and experience to provide tailored cleanup solutions.

An Overview of Our Hydro Jetting Services

Cactus Environmental Services serves the North Texas area with full-service contamination cleanup and removal. Our hydroblasting industrial cleanup teams are experienced in using high-pressure jets of water to clean equipment or industrial areas. An industrial hose generates jets of water between 10,000 psi and 24,000 psi to generate a powerful cleaning force. Our different hydro jetting services include the following:
  • Surface preparation prior to applying new coats of surface finishes
  • Cleaning boilers and reactors
  • Cleaning the exterior and interior of tanks and vessels that housed chemicals or have become contaminated
  • Water blasting lines in industrial, municipal, and commercial systems
  • Water jetting sewers to remove buildup and maintain performance

Hydro Jetting and Its Benefits

Hydro jetting is one of the most versatile and powerful industrial decontamination solutions. Unlike mechanical cleaning methods, it can be finely controlled to minimize damage to surfaces and surrounding materials. It also offers a comprehensive clean that complies with industrial regulations and safety requirements. Some of the unique advantages of hydro jetting are:
  • It can reach and clean complex assemblies. Sewers, pipes, and lines have complex geometries that can make conventional cleaning processes impossible. With hydro jetting, technicians can remove debris, residue, deposits, and more with precision.
  • It’s powerful. With water pressure levels up to 24,000 psi, hydro jetting tools can quickly carve through layers of dirt and contaminants. Experienced technicians can carefully apply that power to remove buildup layer by layer so the underlying equipment, vessel walls, and surfaces remain undamaged.
  • Water is one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning options available, especially for industrial contaminants and large-scale cleanups. Hydrojetting can scour without additional cleaners or be paired with eco-friendly cleaners as needed. The contaminant runoff can also be easily contained and disposed of properly so it’s not introduced to the surrounding groundwater or municipal system.
  • Hydro jetting is cost-effective. Hydro jetting services are one of the most routinely affordable options for removing layers of contaminants and debris. Not only are the services themselves more affordable than other options, but they are also minimally disruptive—your teams can get back to work quickly.

How We Use Hydro Jetting

At Cactus Environmental Services, we use hydro jetting services to remove years of buildup that can occur in and around industrial facilities. Common applications include:
  • Cleaning chemical residue from tanks so they can be reused
  • Jetting sewer lines to resolve sewage problems and work disruptions
  • Cleaning away hard water residue from boilers and reactors
  • Stripping debris away from surfaces that need to be recoated or repainted
  • Jetting away oxidation and rust buildup so the underlying surfaces can be restored and protected
  • Water blasting caked-on chemicals so they can be safely contained and removed off-site
We provide onsite and in-the-field hydro jetting services for industrial manufacturers, government agencies, and more.

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Cactus Environmental Services is the local provider of industrial cleanup and contamination resolution services in the North Texas region. Since 1981, our team has provided a growing number of cleaning, containment, and decontamination solutions. Our technical staff are OSHA HAZWOPER-trained and we are HUB certified in providing high-quality options. Reach out today to schedule your hydro jetting services.

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