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We proudly handle any and all environmental management needs, from waste disposal and recycling, to environmental remediation and tank cleanings.

Cactus Environmental works with clients in all industries including oil and gas, large industrial manufacturers and government agencies. Our technical field personnel are OSHA HAZWOPER-trained and are available to assist on projects of any size and scope. Customers can count on Cactus for jobs to be completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, we regularly provide service for all of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Our crews respond to spills and perform jobs all over the United States.

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Industrial tanks hold a wide variety of chemicals, from acids to oils to treated water. Depending on the facility, your industrial tanks may even hold food and consumable goods in varying stages of the process. Over time, the hygienic conditions of the tanks will decay. The buildup will develop along the edges, corrosive chemicals may start damaging the tank, and mold can find a foothold. At Cactus Environmental Services, we provide industrial tank cleaning services for tanks of any type for any industry. Learn more about what tank cleaning is, how frequently it needs to be part of your maintenance requirements, and how to find the right third-party service to handle the job.

When Should You Schedule an Industrial Tank Cleaning?

Consider maintaining two dual industrial tank cleaning schedules: one for one-time circumstances and one for routine cleaning. For the first schedule, there are some circumstances that should automatically trigger an industrial tanking cleaning services appointment. These include:
  • If you’re changing the contents of the tank, as you want to completely eliminate any residue or potential contaminants
  • You have an upcoming inspection or internal audit: Fully cleaning the tank before these events ensures greater compliance with cleanliness standards and can ensure tank cleaning happens with some degree of regularity.
  • There are developing tank issues, such as increasing levels of contamination, mechanical failures, or visible corrosion. You might also schedule tank cleaning if an indicator alert or sensor goes off.
The second schedule should require tank cleaning appointments at set intervals. Industrial water tanks, for example, should undergo industrial tank cleaning services every six months (or more frequently in hard water regions). Other chemicals and contained goods may require more frequent cleaning appointments.

What Does Industrial Tank Cleaning Look Like?

Industrial tank cleaning services may differ depending on the type of tank and the contents. For example, hazardous materials may warrant more stringent cleaning protocols than cleaning tanks of potable water. At Cactus Environmental Services, we offer standard tank cleaning services and can personalize each project based on the regulatory and circumstantial demands of your facility. One of our core processes is industrial tank cleaning services with robotic dredging. Once a tank is safely emptied, we lower dredging robotics into the tank, where they can efficiently clean and remove traces of chemicals and buildup. Robotic dredging is cost-effective, comprehensive, and safe, as technicians direct the robots away from the potentially hazardous area.

How to Find a Commercial Tank Cleaning Company

Most facilities do not maintain the in-house equipment and personnel for in-depth industrial tank cleaning. Instead, they work with third-party industrial tank cleaning service providers with the licenses, expertise, and tools for any job. If it’s time for industrial tank cleaning, look for providers that fit these criteria:
  • They operate within your region (and can ideally reach all of your facilities if you operate across multiple properties).
  • They have experience in your industry and with the specific types of materials you use.
  • The organization offers additional cleanup and emergency maintenance services, so you can use one vendor for a wide range of operational requirements.
  • The company is certified, complies with OSHA requirements, and has HAZWOPER- and NORM-certified technicians available.
Reach out to multiple services to learn more about their current and ongoing availability, pricing, and options for your business before committing to a single service provider.

Industrial Tank Cleaning Services From Cactus Environmental Services

At Cactus Environmental Services, we’re a leading provider of environmental services and industrial-scale cleaning across North Texas and surrounding regions. Reach out today to learn more about our industrial tank cleaning processes and how to schedule an appointment.

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