Our Tank Cleaning Service for Industrial Manufacturing

Spills can lead to land and water contamination and pose health hazards to neighboring communities. Get industrial manufacturing tank cleaning service to eliminate blockage, avoid contamination, and stay compliant. Regular tank cleaning is an integral aspect of industrial tank maintenance. We follow all state codes and regulations. At Cactus Environmental Services we have been offering tank cleaning services since 1981. We serve Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Call us today for your free quote! Our trained teams employ advanced equipment and strategies to ensure clean and contaminant-free tanks. We serve different sectors of the economy, including industrial manufacturing, industrial food production, and chemical supplies. We also extend services to paint and tank inspection companies in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Contact Us.

Plant & Industrial Manufacturing Tank Cleaning Applications

man hole cleanoutIndustrial tank cleaning involves multiple services and applications. We at Cactus Environmental employ state-of-the-art equipment and tools to scour tanks to alleviate stubborn solids and stains and meet safety codes. Our range of high-tech tools includes vacuum trucks, robotic equipment, pumps, hydro-blasting, and more. Our storage tank cleaning services and procedures involve multiple applications to ensure clean tanks while eliminating the risk of contamination. Our technicians are highly skilled with adequate experience and tools to ensure excellent services. We use various cleaning applications and can handle different types of industrial tanks and vessels. These may include;
  • Storage tanks
  • Batch Reactors
  • Boilers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Tank farms
  • Refineries
Our cleaning applications include;

High-Pressure Tank Cleaning Service

High-pressure tank cleaning employs high-tech machines, making cleaning easy inside closed tanks and vessels. It is helpful in food production, paint manufacturing, and many other industries. The cleaning method eliminates stubborn deposits of hardened solid substances from the tank’s internal walls. Moreover, high-pressure cleaning employs high-pressure water with pressures of up to 40,000 psi. Why is this important? It eases cleaning in the tank interiors, ensuring the elimination of any accumulated debris. High-pressure cleaning involves using high-pressure water, and other cleaning materials are unnecessary. The technique employs nozzles of varied sizes, shapes, and lengths. The nozzle arms rotate in two axes allowing water jets to reach every part of the tank interiors. High-pressure tank cleaning is more efficient compared to traditional cleaning methods. It minimizes water flow, translating to lower costs, and this works best when hot water is used during cleaning.

We Provide Tank Cleaning Service Using Robotic Dredging

Tank and Vessel Cleaning Equipment

Robotic dredging is a tank and vessel cleaning process whereby technicians use high-tech machines, alleviating debris and sludge once lowered into space. Robotic tank cleaning is an innovative technique representing a blend of advanced technology and expertise. It offers considerable gains over conventional tank cleaning techniques. Most industrial companies now realize the benefits of robots in industrial tank cleaning. These are;
  • Safety: Technicians can operate robots in space-constrained areas without harming the staff.
  • Efficiency: Dredging robots are highly efficient and can be performed without interfering with other facilities or shutting them down.
  • Cost-savings: Robotic dredging is thorough and cost-effective in the long run compared to traditional tank cleaning methods.
  • Minimized plant downtime
  • Improved productivity

Other Tank Cleaning Applications

  • Batch and loop reactor cleaning
  • Decontamination
  • Internal cleaning of vessels, containers, agitator vessels, and holding tanks.
  • Disinfection using chemical additives
  • Interior cleaning

Tank Cleaning Service Often Requires Confined Space Entry

emergency response truck driving to job

Tank cleaning can be complex, particularly when it involves cleaning confined spaces. The procedure necessitates trained technicians and equipment to ensure access to all vessel parts. Engaging skilled teams thoroughly trained in confined space entry is quite beneficial. Besides, tank cleaning projects involving confined spaces should be managed by highly-skilled technicians. Cleaning confined spaces eliminate environmental hazards resulting in an improved capacity. Cactus Environmental confined space services engage experienced technicians who work in egress impact environments. We can help in emergency and non-emergency situations involving the restraints of confined spaces. Our tank cleaning services engage skilled technicians. These professionals offer confined space services and confined space entry rescue services in different environments.

Our Confined Space Entry Services

  • Confined space project management
  • Tank analysis and cleanings
  • Project planning and management
  • Stand-by rescue services
We also offer other services, including project planning and management, liquid/solid separation, residual analysis/testing, and product transfers.

Industrial Cleaning Services in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma

Cactus Environmental Services offers industrial vessel and tank cleaning services in Dallas. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience, and exceptional customer service that we’ve been fortunate to provide our clients since our inception in 1981. Our highly- skilled technicians can handle complex tank cleaning and space entry projects. Contact us today to schedule industrial tank and vessel cleaning services.

Is Your Industrial Cleaning Project an Emergency?

Remember we also offer 24-hour emergency response for environmental cleanup, call us today to speak too our expert team and get help with your project as soon as possible!