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Hydroblasting is a unique cleaning technique that cleans surfaces relying entirely on high-pressure water equipment. It cleans and alleviates debris, residue, and other contaminants on a surface. 

A perfect example of a hydroblasting company is Cactus Environmental Services. We are a trusted hydroblasting industrial cleaning company offering a wide range of services in Dallas, Fort-Worth, and Texas. 

Our range of hydro jetting services includes; surface preparation, boiler cleanings, reactor cleanings, tank, vessel, line cleaning, and more. Hydroblasting services are ideal for commercial sewer companies, manufacturing companies, food production companies, paint production, and many other companies seeking to clear blockages in pipes and tanks. Contact Us

Cutting-Edge Cleaning Technology

Hydroblasting services may be needed when dealing with residual deposits in industrial tanks and vessels, increasing hydroblasting companies. For instance, Cactus Environmental Services offers various hydroblasting services to the Dallas community.

Our hydroblasting team knows the right equipment and how to adjust the PSI to efficiently alleviate filth in the vessel or surface. When powerful cleaning is required, hydroblasting is the best solution.

The procedure employs advanced technology to ensure clean tanks and pipes. Moreover, hydroblasting relies on the power of water to clean dirty surfaces without resorting to abrasives.

It involves spraying high-velocity hot or cold water streams through a nozzle at a very high pressure of 20,000 PSI or more. The good thing about hydroblasting is that the technique does not generate particles, unlike sandblasting.

Cactus Environmental Services is one of the leading hydroblasting companies in Dallas. We are renowned for offering safe and cost-effective hydroblasting services in the region. We employ advanced equipment that suits any environment. Our team consists of certified and skilled technicians to provide quality services.

Safe Cleaning is a Priority

Hydroblasting employs high pressures to clean and alleviate debris on dirty surfaces. The process can generate a high jet stream velocity, and safety is critical in the cleaning procedure. Therefore, understanding the safety hazards associated with the process is crucial and will ensure safety in every step.   

Our technicians employ the right cleaning tools and equipment and are highly trained to offer exceptional hydroblasting services, enhancing safety and minimizing any hazards associated with the procedure. Again, hydroblasting does not use dangerous chemicals; this makes it safe for the surfaces and the environment.

Why Choose Cactus Environmental Services Hydroblasting in Texas

Cactus Environmental Services is a sought-after hydroblasting service provider in Texas. We offer various advanced equipment and a fleet of hydroblasting units. 

What Makes Us Unique?

1. State of the Art Tools and Equipment

We provide powerful performance to meet all your cleaning needs. Our equipment operates up to 40,000 psi and uses the right pump to match your project needs. Like other reputed hydroblasting companies, we employ modern equipment to ensure a safe and successful project.

These include;

  • Large excavators 
  • Hydro-jetters 
  • Heated pressure washers
  • Backhoes 
  • Skid loaders
  • Water-tight and yard roll-off boxes with tarps 
  • Gooseneck trailers 
  • Excavation equipment 
  • Mini excavators 
  • Front-end Loaders

2. Team Expertise

We engage the right teams and work with skilled technicians. Our staff’s vast experience and expertise in handling different hydroblasting issues in industrial settings will prove we are the right technicians for the job.

Our skilled technicians combine a fleet of 10,000 to 24,000 psi hydroblasters with automated hydroblasting equipment, helping to remove unwanted and stubborn deposits in industrial pipes, tanks, and vessels. 

3. Multiple Services

Cactus Environmental offers various industrial hydroblasting services. On top of your hydroblasting services, we offer vacuum trucking services and roll-off container transportation for industrial facilities. Our hydro jetting services include;

  • Boiler cleaning
  • Surface preparation
  • Reactor cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Vessel and line cleaning
  • Sewer jetting

4. Inspection

Not all parts of industrial equipment can be reached, and cleaning can be challenging. However, various cleaning operations are available, and hydroblasting is highly recommended. The high-pressure water during hydroblasting can pierce through tiny holes, thus cleaning the interior entirely. 

Before commencing the project, we inspect your tanks and pipes to determine the right equipment and tools for the job, enhancing safety and saving time. Moreover, we carefully select our pipes and tools to ensure exceptional hydroblasting services. 

Industrial Hydroblasting in Dallas, Texas with Cactus Environmental Services 

Cactus Environmental Services offers quality industrial hydroblasting services in Dallas and its surrounding areas. We employ high-tech tools to ensure safety and success in all projects. Our services will help extend the durability of industrial equipment and improve its efficiency. Are you seeking hydroblasting services in Dallas? Contact us for all your industrial tank cleaning needs.