It is essential that industrial cleaning services are performed with attention to detail, the right cleaning techniques and chemicals, and in accordance with proper health and safety standards. At Cactus Environmental Services, we can assure that your company and its surrounding areas get a deep clean, so they can function as they were meant to: without pests, build-up, or bacteria. Professional chemical cleaning companies like Cactus Environmental Services are fully dedicated to keeping your industrial facilities clean. When you work in a specific type of environment, it’s important to regularly remove the dirt and debris to avoid harming workers and expensive machinery. Chemical cleaning companies must have the skill and flexibility to tackle any cleaning need, no matter how specific or complex.

Safe Chemical Cleaning Services

At Cactus Environmental Services, we offer quality industrial chemical cleaning services to our clients. We use state-of-the-art equipment and methods and experienced team leaders and technicians. We provide top-of-the-line industrial cleaning chemicals, formulas, and technical support and guarantee client satisfaction and timely completion of critical path tasks. Cactus Environmental Services works carefully planned job activities to provide an excellent service to clients while meeting and exceeding expectations.

Tank, Vessel, & Line Cleaning

Cactus Environmental has a long history of providing tank and vessel cleaning services. Our specialists are trained in safety, have many years of experience, and can be contracted to handle any job, from start to finish. Cactus Environmental is specialized in confined space rescue services. They offer various services such as hole watch, rescue, and emergency response. These are done at a very competitive price point and provide an excellent service with a quick turnaround time. Tank analysis is another service provided by Cactus Environmental, including locating leaks in tanks and finding the right solutions for your tank.

Hydroblasting Services

Cactus Environmental, a leading hydroblasting company, provides water blasting services with equipment ranging from 10,000 to 24,000 PSI. Hydroblasting is the act of removing surface debris, oxidization, and deposits with a high-pressure water apparatus. It can be performed by hand but is often more thorough with a water jet device. Hydro Jetting Services has become the preferred method for cleaning and removing encrustations from commercial and residential properties. These services include:
  • Surface preparation
  • Boiler cleanings
  • Reactor cleaning
  • Sewer jetting
  • Application of a heavy-duty cleaner

Industrial Vacuum Services

Cactus Environmental’s industrial vacuum services provide you with safe and environmentally friendly disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. We have the expertise and equipment to assist you with any hazardous materials or water issues, including vacuum trailers, hydro jetters, and heated pressure washers. Cactus Environmental provides a wide variety of vacuum truck services to keep your property clean, safe, and free of debris.

Grit and Sand Trap Cleaning

Our qualified professionals and advanced machinery with about 3500 gallons allow us to clean out your grit and sand traps quickly and efficiently while ensuring you comply with local regulations and saving you from paying high disposal costs. Our Grits and Sand Trap Cleaning services include:
  • Trap maintenance: involves checking and replacing filters, cleaning the sensor, checking and changing the bait, and making sure the rat has not chewed its way into the unit.
  • Grease and grit trap pumping: This task involves pumping out the grease and grit trap to keep your basement and sewage system clean.
  • Liquid industrial non-hazardous waste pumping: This task is necessary since the liquid in the tank needs to be emptied periodically.
  • Sand trap cleaning: This will involve the removal of sand from the area where the sand trap is located.

Field and In-Plant Service

Cactus Environmental Services is among the leading providers of in-plant and field services. We offer a range of work for companies, from the cleaning of tanks and facility closure to the excavation of soil. Cactus Project Managers are well experienced in the industry and ensure every customer’s project is completed with professionalism, accuracy, and integrity. Our in-plant and field services include:
  • Building of slurry walls
  • Excavator dewatering
  • Lagoon stabilization
  • Tank Farm Dismantling
  • And more!

Convenient Emergency Response

We value the need to keep time and promise a quick response to emergencies without fail. We know that emergencies can happen at any time, and once those emergencies have arisen, you need someone who knows how to prevent more accidents and keep things under control. Cactus Environmental offers a variety of emergency response services, such as standby rescue services throughout the clock and confined space rescue. Other services include:
  • Natural Disaster Spills
  • Dangerous Material Spills such as fuel and oil
  • Emergency Spill Response

How To Get Industrial Services In Dallas

Cactus Environmental is one of the first rising industrial cleaning services among Dallas’s numerous emerging chemical cleaning companies. Our excellent customer service has been around for more than ten years over a wide range of services for industrial, commercial, and residential clients. While we are based in Dallas, Texas we are committed to meeting your needs no matter where you are located. Contact us today for any industrial cleaning services required.

Experts at Industrial Cleanup

We at Cactus Environmental specialize in the cleanup and removal of industrial and commercial-sized hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. You can bet on our team. Our project managers have 40+ years of experience working with industrial hazardous waste removal. You’ll also find that 100% of our field personnel are OSHA HAZWOPPER trained and, of course, can handle any size clean-up. Clean-up efforts begin with analyzing all of the waste collected. Our trained technicians take samples and coordinate with a partnering lab to determine the proper way to dispose of it. The environment is a top priority to us and with containerized and bulk storage units, we make sure to store all of the waste prior to disposal properly. With a wide variety of vehicles including bobtail roll-off trucks and heated pressure washers to transport and dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous waste efficiently. We do everything from sludge removal, soil remediation and even equipment decontamination. There are a variety of ways that our qualified personnel perform tank, vessel and line cleaning, from hydro jet service to confined space entry services. We know that when dealing with potentially hazardous spills time is important so Cactus offers 24 hour environmental emergency & spill response. We arrive quickly to your Industrial Clean-ups of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. You’ll know that your business is in state compliance with the help of Cactus Environmental. Our drivers, techs, and managers all have a minimum of 24 hours HAZWOPER training. Cactus is US and Texas DOT certified and our TCEQ licenses include solid waste, medical waste transporter and sludge. We can handle your Industrial clean-ups, keeping you safe and your property in compliance. Cactus Environmental will get your clean up done right. If you find yourself in need of industrial clean-ups hazardous or non-hazardous waste clean-up call Cactus Environmental and we’ll get the job done right.
Hazardous Spill at Industrial Facility