Tanks don’t last forever, and as soon as an industrial tank isn’t serving your facility’s needs, arrange for fast disposal and tank removal services to get that real estate back. Whether you’re reducing the number of on-site tanks you need or a tank has worn through, and you’re waiting for its replacement, Cactus Environmental Services is here to help with complete tank handling services. We can clean and remove tanks, remediate or clean the surrounding area in the event of a spill, and make sure your business is ready for a smooth transition to the next tank.

The Importance of Tank Removal

Removing old tanks is part of doing business. Old tanks with unrepairable damage can present an unacceptable spill risk to your facility and even damage the overall property value. Depending on local requirements, you may have to remove tanks from the property before selling it, installing new equipment, or being cleared for different business activities. Removing rusty, broken, or obtrusive tanks also makes the property safer, reducing the risk of injury to on-site personnel and visitors. Tank removal services from Cactus Environmental Services are designed to quickly and undisruptively remove unwanted tanks from your facility, including both above-ground and underground tanks. By hiring a professional service for the job, you can ensure compliance with all applicable safety, environmental, and industrial regulations.  

Types of Tanks That Require Removal

Some of the most common tanks that require removal from a certified removal company include:
  • Above-ground storage tanks that are housed on the ground level, within buildings, or on the roof. We can clean, decontaminate, and remove fixed roof tanks, floating tanks, and roofless tanks. Our team can also remove specialty tanks, such as milk tanks and tanks that house hazardous chemicals.
  • Underground storage tanks, including tanks for water, septic systems, and fuel tanks
  • Broken tanks that need to be moved off-site so that a replacement tank can be installed
  • Old tanks that must be disposed of for rezoning or remodeling to suit new operations
Without regular cleaning and inspections from a professional service, tanks can fall into disrepair and need more frequent removal and replacement. Tanks that regularly leak or have signs of excessive corrosion beyond the point of repair require removal to allow your facility to pass inspections.

Safety Precautions During Tank Removal

At Cactus Environmental Services, we prioritize safety during every stage of the tank removal process. Our safety precautions are designed to remove tanks with minimal business disruption while eliminating potential hazards to on-site personnel.

Preplanning Services

Our team will create a detailed plant for removing tanks, whether they are currently installed in systems, house potentially hazardous contents, or need additional preparation before removal.

Safety Equipment

We provide our teams with personal safety equipment and tools to guarantee their safety from heights, hazardous chemicals, and physical danger while removing tanks.

Hazardous Waste Removal

We’re certified in chemical consolidation and disposal, spill management, soil remediation, and other hazardous waste removal services for comprehensive tank removal management. If your old tank still has traces of chemicals or poses a threat to the surrounding area, our OSHA HAZWOPER-trained technical field crews can handle it.

How to Choose the Right Tank Removal Company

Choose a tank removal company that meets the highest standards of safety, environmental standards, and industry-regulated best practices. At Cactus Environmental Services, we’re licensed to handle waste according to DOT and EPA guidelines. Our comprehensive services include tank cleaning and removal, chemical cleanup, rescue, and emergency services. Choose the company you can turn to for any emergency or cleanup project.

Tank Removal Services From Cactus Environmental Services

Keep tank removal requirements from slowing down your business operations. Schedule an appointment with Cactus Environmental Services to prepare your property for whatever’s coming next.