• The Importance Of Industrial Tank Cleaning

    Industrial tanks hold a wide variety of chemicals, from acids to oils to treated water. Depending on the facility, your industrial tanks may even hold food and consumable goods in varying stages of the process. Over time, the hygienic conditions … Continue reading

  • Side view of powerful professional modern yellow sewage sewerage truck working near a house pumping basement canalisation water.

    Hydro Jetting: A Guide & How it Works

    Hydro jetting is a powerful cleaning option that can strip away stains and buildup from virtually any building surface. From concrete factory floors to metal equipment, professional hydro jetting services can remove a wide range of dirt, chemicals, and other … Continue reading

  • Worker and cistern truck washes and disinfects the asphalt. Cleaning and disinfects the streets with water truck.

    The Role of Vacuum Trucks in Waste Management

    Vacuum trucks play a crucial role in industrial waste management solutions. The vacuum systems can collect liquid and solid waste, including contaminated water from hydro blasting cleanup. The truck then ships the waste off-site for safe disposal. At Cactus Environmental … Continue reading

  • Chemist Wearing Protective Mask and Coverall Holds Bag of Chemicals.

    Emergency Response to Oil Spills & Hazardous Substances

    In the immediate aftermath of an oil spill or hazardous chemical spill, you need fast and responsive emergency services that can jumpstart the cleanup and disposal processes. Having a comprehensive response plan can help you get in front of the … Continue reading

  • The close-up shot of blue color hazardous dangerous chemical drum barrels. Contact Cactus Environmental Services.

    Types Of Hazardous Waste Disposal Methods

    Every company that handles potentially hazardous materials starts with prevention plans—the best way to serve your clients and protect your business is by not having a hazardous waste emergency in the first place. But once the prevention plans are in … Continue reading

  • Oil gleaming with rainbow hues in contaminated water.

    What is Environmental Remediation

    Image credit: Matthew Corley Updated: March 30, 2023 Environmental pollution is a significant issue affecting most cities globally. Dallas is famous for its high levels of air pollution, and in the US soil and water contamination are unfortunately common. With … Continue reading

  • Methods of Hazardous Waste Disposal for Business

    Hazardous waste is a major concern in most US states. Considering the growing number of manufacturing companies, the amount of hazardous waste keeps increasing, resulting in the need for efficient disposal mechanisms. Luckily, many companies offer hazardous waste disposal services … Continue reading

  • Types of Environmental Remediation

    Pollution is a concern in most US states and is attributed to many manufacturing and industrial plants. Nowadays, most industries seek remediation services to alleviate contaminants from areas polluted by industrial activities. There are different types of environmental remediation, and … Continue reading

  • HAZMAT certified worker testing water for contaminants

    Types of Hazardous Waste

    The increasing need for new consumer products has led to an upsurge in the number of manufacturing industries globally. However, industrial processes can release toxic elements and waste and, as a result, pose a lot of danger to the environment … Continue reading